Mining Companies compete for the resources in the asteroids floating on top of the Alpha Star. 
Destabilize the opponent placing the discarded boulders on their scrapyards, until the asteroid unbalance to their side, just before you escape!

BEST GAME and ART of the MalagaJam Weekend 10


Player1: A, W, S, D + Space
Player2: Up, Left, Down, Right + Right Shift

Credits (Alphabetical Order):

- Santi Andrade @SantiHisteria (Programming)
- Alvaro Luque @alvarolupil (Design & Programming)
- Gregorio Montesinos aka Goro (Additional Programming)
- Arkaitz Pérez aka Kaitzo (3D Art)
- Javier Tejada aka MrPlot (3D Art)
- José Miguel Sierra aka @JMSierra3D (Concept and UI)
- Fito Vergara (Music)

Install instructions

Alt+F4 to exit for now


MiningCorp0.4.rar 24 MB

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